Legislation is changing faster today than ever before and the consequence of not planning for the future can be very damaging.

Issa Associates is able to provide a wide range of advice on tax matters:

  • The use of the UK as a tax heaven

At present the UK has one of the lowest rates of corporation tax. It also offers a range of financial benefits not always considered. Issa Associates has available expert advice on:

    - Low setting up costs.
    - Ease of business control.
    - Advantages of operating under British Law.

  • Preparation of personal tax returns.

  • Determining personal and corporate tax liabilities.

  • Preparation of tax computations, submissions to and correspondence with the Inland Revenue.

  • Tax planning:
  • This includes:

    - Business start-up considerations, partnership or company.
    - Making use of available concessions and allowances.
    - Planning for retirement.
    - Tax implications for sale or a retirement from business ownership.


Issa Associates recognises that in view of recent financial climate the accounting of business entities is more important today than ever before.

Issa Associates provides a skilled team to assist in the preparation of:

• Annual accounts for presentation to management, shareholders, banks and other institutions, the registrar of Companies and the Inland Revenue.
• Management accounts – interim preparation of financial information for accounts, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, and stock control.


Issa Associates provides:

• A bookkeeping service either in its own office or in the client’s office.
• It institutes systems for accounting and management control.
• Recruits, trains and supervises clients own bookkeeper.

Business management

Experience in the many disciples of management enables Issa Associates to advise clients in the many critical areas of business organisation and development.

Areas where expert help is available include:

• Purchase and sale of business.
• Project viability assessment
• Limited company formations and searches.
• Cash Flow projections and budget statements.
• Advice on:

- Employment legislation.
- V.A.T.
- Import, Export
- Raising Finance.
- Setting up Accounting Systems.
- Provision of Company Secretarial Services.
- Use of Registered Office and Postal Facilities.
- Health and Safety Issues.

Other services

We can advice on business start-up considerations, partnership or company; pension schemes; planning for retirement, and making sound and appropriate treasury management decisions.